FairfieldMaine WellMAPDEP Interactive Well Test Map

This map allows you to see where the DEP has tested water wells for PFAS in Fairfield, Maine.

Click the picture or text link above.  Once at the DEP map you can zoom in & out just like Google maps.

Red dots = test results in are above 70ppt.

Green dots = test results in are below 70ppt. & deemed "safe" (unless ALL PFAS are ZERO we do NOT feel it's safe to drink!)

Light blue dots = test results not in yet.

Gold lines indicate (I believe) land sludge application areas.  I don't believe they represent every land area that has or may have had sludge or fly ash applied.  I will get more info on this & update this page.


There are NO safe levels of ANY PFAS chemicals
NONE !!!

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