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GAC (carbon) Filters & Add-on RO Filters

GAC CPictured here is a Fairfield resident's recently installed DEP GAC filter.  (DEP funded & installed by Air & Water Co.)

When a person's well tests 70ppt or higher for 2 PFAS chemicals, PFOA & PFOS (individual or combined) the DEP will install what's known as a "Lead - Lag" carbon filter system.  Lead - Lag means the "Lead" tank is the first one to receive raw water from the well.  From there it goes into & through the "Lag" carbon tank.  The purpose of this is to have time to catch any PFAS breakthrough on the Lead tank before it gets through the Lag tank & consumed by us.  The DEP will be testing these systems periodically to ensure there is no (or under 70ppt for now) PFAS breakthrough.  If they test high numbers coming out of the Lead tank, they will swap tanks & put the Lag tank in the Lead position & change out the carbon on the old Lead & place it in the Lag position.

Question is ... is this GAC filter alone enough?  The answer is NO!

PFAS is a class of "Forever Chemicals" containing thousands of different ones - none of which to my knowledge are safe to drink!

There are 2 categories of PFAS chemicals:  Long Chain & Short Chain

PFOA & PFOS are both Long Chain PFAS.  Many of our wells have multiple other PFAS chemicals.  Some testing high too including Short Chain PFAS which GAC filters do NOT remove them all!

So what do we do?  For now ... install an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water filter post (after) the Lag GAC.

Sadly, the DEP refuses to install RO filters for us because their GAC filters remove the PFOA & PFOS - at least to 70ppt.

Still unsatisfactory as NO PFAS is safe to drink in ANY amount!!  NONE!!

When the DEP contacted me in 10/2020 to test my well, I already had a DEP installed GAC system due to a previous MTBE contamination issue.  In my business however, I was already using an RO water filter over 20 years to protect the sensitive coral livestock I work with (home based biz - this main website - AquaCorals Reef Aquariums).  When I was tested in 10/2020, my GAC & RO were both over 6 years old without any servicing & trust me when I say, I go through ALOT of water due to my business!  When my DEP test results came back, I was shocked to see that my old GAC/RO system was still working & providing ND  = ZERO PFAS! (Test Results After RO)  Problem was sadly, I wasn't using the RO water for our home and the Short Chain PFAS numbers were VERY high (Test Results After Lag).

An RO is not a whole-home solution (meaning PFAS FREE water out of every tap - which we are demanding!) It's limited to an RO faucet & fridge if it has ice &/or water.  An RO is SUPER important because it WILL remove PFAS that makes it through the GAC filter.  THIS is what's most important right now!  PFAS FREE water!  I do NOT recommend drinking your GAC filtered water unless EVERY PFAS listed on your test results after your GAC installation show ND = Non Detect.  EVERY water specialist I know (quite a few) has an RO in their own homes & so do I since my test results!!  I ran out & bought one for home/for myself, family, & pets!  To prove my points, below is my GAC system which includes:


#1 = 10" sediment prefilter (removes heavy materials)
#2 A = Iron targeting water softener
#2B = Salt/brine tank for softener
#3A = Lead Gac
3B = Lag GAC
#4 = the RO (Reverse Osmosis) final water filter which I have running to a special RO faucet at my kitchen sink AND to my fridge ice/water


 MY RO Tank 

 My RO water pressure tank:
#1 = RO water IN to tank
#2 = RO water OUT of tank
#3 = RO water to kitchen sink RO faucet
#4 = RO water to fridge Ice/water

 It may look like alot going on but it's simple to install.  I did this myself!







MY RO Faucet

My ISpring RO water faucet.

Fills glasses & pots for cooking fast!  The left lever allows you to turn it on & walk away as it fills your container. The faucet that comes with the RO drinking water kit I recommend (below) is a pain because you have to keep pressing a lever for water to come out AND it said "low lead" on the package which was a NO go/use so I went on Amazon & found this one. I love it. Below I provide more info on my RO & the links to where I purchased them.


My 10/2020 DEP water test results here:

  Raw Water Test Results


Test Results After Lag GAC
(Note the 1st 2 PFAS are WAY high = Short Chains)


Test Results After RO
(Short Chains gone!!)

So, in a nutshell, this all boils down to getting us truly PFAS free water to drink.  Sadly, the DEP installed GAC filters aren't giving us that so we're forced to purchase our own RO water filters ... for now.  Save your receipts.

I sell the RO unit I use myself.  The ISpring RO faucet I purchased through Amazon for the reasons I mentioned above.  I researched for weeks, talking to different RO MFG's, distributors, water specialists for the absolute best RO I could use for myself & recommend to others.  It ended up being what I was already using & selling for my reef aquarium customers was the very best.  Even Bob Bowcock (water specialist with Erin Brockovitch) said his home RO was setup the same components as mine.  For me, my water test results provided proof positive & it should work the same for you.

5 stagedrinking a



  The RO water filter I use & sell (pictured here) can be purchased on this website
There is a 10% discount coupon code for PFAS affected residents.
 E-mail me for the code at

More information on this RO filter is found on it's page.
Click the RO pic to the left



MY RO Faucet




The RO faucet I use is on Amazon.  This faucet is installed beside your current faucet.
Click the picture to go it's Amazon page.






 RO RemineralCartridge

RO water filters remove good minerals as well as bad which also decreases the alkalinity of the pure water it produces.  There are reports this is not good for our bodies that need to be alkaline.  By simply installing this re-mineral cartridge on the blue pure water line it replaced the good minerals removed & makes the water more healthy for consumption.  I also noted that my plants like the re-mineral RO water better than straight RO water so a win-win for them too!  I did extensive research & found bought this cartridge on Amazon (made in the USA) by iSpring & it works fantastic!  Click the cartridge image which will take you to it's product page on Amazon.


There are NO safe levels of ANY PFAS chemicals
NONE !!!

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