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Your PCP should be able to order the test (Quest quest test code: 39307. It’s called PFAS exposure panel.).  Maine General lab (& other places, confirm with your PCP) can take your blood sample which is then sent to Quest Lab.
Please note:  PFAS enters our bodies in many different ways & every person has some level of PFAS in them.  Seeing a level in your blood doesn't necessarily mean your well is contaminated but if your blood test is high or you live near a possible sludge spread area ... get your well tested.


Below is the story of a Maine Farmer & his family's blood levels - must watch short video - click the pic

Media Stone Blood

This is a must read to learn what other ways PFAS enters our body!
You'll be shocked!  Click the picture to read...

ConsumerReport BloodTest

There are NO safe levels of ANY PFAS chemicals
NONE !!!

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