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ULTRA Metallic Blue Zoanthid Soft Coral


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These are 5+ polyps on a 1-2" rock

This specimen is the truest Blue I've ever seen!  The 1st picture was taken with heavier actinic lighting where the second pic is with full daylights - which still shows extreme blue!  One of the reasons it's an ULTRA!  Don't miss out when this beauty is available!

Pics are sample unless noted by WYSIWYG. 

EST. 2017

Soft Coral Color Guide:  Example - Base color "Green"

"Green" = shows it's green color mostly under actinic blue lighting

Neon "Green" = glows green under actinic blue lighting

Ultra "Green" = bright or deep green under full daylights!

Metallic = the color has a metallic sheen to it.

Remember, like wild soft corals, aquacultured tank raised soft corals offer many benefits to reef fish like hiding places or perches and even sleep spots!  Tank raised soft corals are much easier to keep than hard corals and they add beautiful form, color and movement to a tank.

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