Reef Carbon - ROX 0.8



Used exclusively @ AquaCorals!
ROX 0.8 is a specialty carbon extruded into tiny, extremely hard pellets resulting in less dust and reducing the amount of fines released into the water. It features high numbers of large and small pores giving it all the advantages of both lignite and bituminous carbons. ROX 0.8 will make your water crystal clear faster with less material.  Due to it's very small size you will need to use it in a fine mesh bag or reactor.  For bags I recommend "The Bag" offered on this website.

Notes from Penny:
In almost 20 years of playing in this wonderful hobby I have found, not only in my personal experience but working with probably thousands of customers, there are no miracle drugs or quick fixes.  There is always a cause for a problem (especially algae etc.) and there are fixes but usually they require a little bit of effort on our part.  The products I offer here are ones I use myself here at AquaCorals & are responsible for helping keep my 60+ tanks beautiful.  Though there may be other products that work out there I can only guarantee these work for me so it only makes sense they should work for you too.  If you have any questions on any of them, please e-mail me.  I'm more than happy to help you.

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